A more qualitative Internet of Things

(12-10-2021) With his PhD, Jan Bauwens aims to provide techniques to improve wireless performance within current and future networks.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is digitizing modern life by connecting various "things" through a wireless network. Several decades after the invention of the Internet of Things, there are still problems that stand in the way of seamless connectivity between different wireless devices. With the massive growth of networks and increasing diversity of different hardware devices within those networks, adequate quality of service can no longer be guaranteed.

“With my dissertation I want to offer techniques to improve wireless performance within current and future networks, by proposing a number of modifications to current architectures for creating Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols," explains Jan.

More specifically, Jan Bauwens proposes the following innovations: (i) a unified design approach to create MAC protocols for heterogeneous systems, (ii) mechanisms for multi-radio support in MAC protocols, (iii) a coexistence strategy between IoT networks and Wi-Fi networks, and (iv) a methodology to ensure sustainable operations of MAC protocols through the use of wireless software updates.

In short, yet another step forward for the Internet of Things.

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PhD Title: Sustainable and Interoperable MAC Protocol Design for Heterogeneous Internet of Things Systems


ContactJan Bauwens, Eli De Poorter (supervisor) en Ingrid Moerman (supervisor)


Editor: Jeroen Ongenae - Illustrator: Roger Van Hecke