Physical tests - Yarns

We test fibres, yarns, fabrics, knitted fabrics and other flat structures for their physical properties such as strength, elasticity, abrasion resistance, thickness and many other.

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Below is a list of the most common yarn tests, divided into different categories.


Unevenness Uster (first test) Uster
Uster (per additional test) Uster
Yarn defects Classimat  (20 to 100 km) Uster


Tensile strength metal wire EN 14889-1 (2007)
Tensile strength yarns (automatic) ISO 2062 (2009)*
Tensile strength yarn (Instron) ISO 2062 (2009)
Tensile strength yarn (Instron) - per uur ISO 2062 (2009) - per uur
Tensile strength textile glass yarn ISO 3341 (2000)
Tensile strength yarn (skin adhesion) -
Tensile strength polymer fibres for concrete EN 14889-2
Tensile strength metalic fibres for concrete EN 14889-1


Yarn count and CV ISO 2060 (1994), NBN EN ISO 2060 (1995)*
linear density EN 13392
Yarn type (OE or RS) Microscoop
Twist on single yarn (untwist-retwist) ASTM D 1422 (2008)*, ISO 17202 (2002)*
Twist on plied yarn (+single) ISO 2061 (2010)*
Twist on single yarn (untwist-retwist) ISO 2061 (2010)
Hairiness (max. 500m) Zweigle
Shrinkage/contraction in oven UGent-VT
Air Index UGent-VT