FUTUREproef award

All information about the FUTUREproef award for the best Ghent university master's thesis that answers sustainability issues.

The registrations for the 2022 FUTUREproef award are over. Choose a master thesis with a sustainable focus now, so you can participate in 2023!

An award for sustainable master's theses

With the FUTUREproef award, we put the spotlight on Ghent University master theses that offer an answer to sustainability issues.

We are looking for graduating students who (a) have done quality research that (b) has impact, (c) is future-oriented and (d) contributes to the pursuit of a more sustainable society, economy and planet.

Sustainability is one of the most guiding concepts of our time. Its interpretation differs from context to context and from person to person. As a result, many Master's theses have a link to sustainability and are eligible for this prize. However, the laureates of the competition must have a 360° vision of the sustainability issue.

For whom?

  • Each student enrolled at Ghent University can submit until October 11, 2022, provided that the master's thesis was completed in the previous academic year.
  • Participating candidates earned at least 16/20 for the master's thesis.
  • The master's thesis is written in Dutch or English.
  • The master's thesis may be on any topic as long as it contributes to a sustainable future.
  • Confidential master's theses are not a problem, but please let us know so we can make proper arrangements.

How to participate?

The submission is done entirely digitally through our entry form. We expect the following texts from you:

  • The master's thesis itself, in a pdf format.
  • An accessible written summary of 250 to 500 words about your research You may copy the summary that accompanies your master's thesis in full for this purpose.
  • A statement of 250 to 500 words in which you indicate why you deserve the sustainability award. Here you indicate how innovative and/or future-oriented your master's thesis is and how (potential) impact is created.

  • A reflection of 250 to 500 words in which you indicate what the social impact of the research can be and how it can thus contribute to the pursuit of a more socially just and sustainable society. For this, the SDG framework or the sustainability discussion framework can serve as inspiration.

We will provide you with an acknowledgement of receipt after submission. Attention: you will receive an automatic confirmation from the system, but your participation is only confirmed when you have received a personal confirmation from us. If you do not receive this, please send us an email (duurzaam@ugent.be) before Tuesday 18 October to check whether your registration has been received correctly.

Evaluation Criteria

Accepted submissions will be evaluated on four main criteria:

  • 360° view of the research topic: To what extent is the topic approached from different perspectives?
  • Innovative character: to what extent does the master's thesis provide a forward-looking look?
  • Social impact: to what extent are socially just sustainable changes fueled?
  • Readability and accessibility of the master's thesis.

Timing of the competition

  • The jury will make a pre-selection during November based on the submitted files. The accepted theses will be progressively posted on our FUTUREproef-platform.
  • By November 30 at the latest, you will be notified whether you are eligible for the public prize and whether you are among the three laureates.
  • The official award ceremony will take place in December 2022. Here the three laureates will have the opportunity to present their research to the general public.


You can always email us for futher questions.