Sensibilisation tools

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1. Door hangers


2. Door stickers

sticker deurlijst

3. Radiator hangers

Thermostatic valve on mode 3!

thermostaat op 3

4. Stickers for switches

sticker schakelaar  schakelaarsticker blauw

schakelaarpapier  schakelaarpapier geel

Window stickers 

Keep windows closed in mechanically ventilated classrooms. You can recognize these by the vents and the instruction sheet at the entrance. 

Ventilate classrooms when they are not mechanically ventilated. Open a window when the CO2 meter indicates 900 ppm but ventilate completely when the CO2 meter indicates 1200 ppm.

But in any case: close all windows when leaving classrooms. Last winter, too many windows were left open at night and on weekends. 

Ventilatie  Mechanische ventilatie

Lab material

A fumehood pulls heated air out of the laboratory. So shut the sash as soon as you're not working in it. 

And did you know that not everything needs to be stored at -80°C? The University of Boulder, Colorado compiled a list of 119 biological samples that can be stored at -70°C or warmer. A freezer at -70°C has 25 to 35% less energy consumption than a freezer at -80°C. 

Trekkast  Ultravriezer