Stay informed

Keeping up to date with all that happens in and around the university is made easier through various information sessions, publications and newsletters.

Information sessions

Publications & brochures


  • Newsletter for students (in Dutch only): on average published once a month - sent via email to all students of Ghent University.
  • Doctoral Schools Newsletter: All courses, activities and events of the Doctoral Schools are first announced in this newsletter.
  • Electronic newsletter on research and internationalisation: It contains information on research policy and current calls for proposals for research funding, and on scientific prizes, fellowships, ... - register via online application to receive e-mails or browse in online database.

UGent website

  • International agenda: activities aimed at an international audience or within an international perspective.
  • News bulletin: an overview of recent news items.
  • 'Focus on': each week certain international activities are put in the spotlight via the English homepage.
  • Twitter feeds: @ugent (news items) and @ResearchUGent (especially for researchers and academic staff)


  • Academic bibliography: This database registers the scientific publications of UGent researchers, including articles, books, book chapters, conference proceedings and other material.
  • UGent pocket calendar/agenda
  • Map of Ghent
  • Doctoral dissertations

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