Terms and conditions venue hire at Ghent University undergo update

(28-09-2021) After a thorough evaluation, the terms and conditions for venue hire at Ghent University will undergo an update. Find out more about what’s changing.

The terms and conditions for venue hire at Ghent University determine the prices of and conditions for the temporary use of university venues by internal and external parties. A sector and competitor analysis made clear that the terms and conditions required an update.

Besides an indexation of hiring prices, this update determines, among other things, the following:

  • External organisations who, before, were regarded as internal users but did not, themselves, regard Ghent University as internal users in their own hiring business, will now be regarded as external users.
  • For all activities, a basic fee will now be charged for reservation of grounds, rooms and infrastructure by both internal and external applicants. The basic fee will differ depending on location. For all users (both internal and external applicants), the basic fee will be supplemented with the hiring price. The basic fee partially covers costs incurred for heating, cleaning, electricity and, if necessary, possible security and concierge services (dependent on the nature of the activities).
  • Educational activities, activities by certified Ghent University student associations and Ghent University alumni organisations will – so long as they are not held in the representative venues in the UFO, Pand, Aula, GUM and Boekentoren– be exempted from the hiring price.
  • The hiring price will be indexed every calendar year. It will be rounded off to the nearest five.
The terms and conditions for venue hire at Ghent University are available in their entirety on the Ghent University Codex (NL).