Nova Academy

The University of Antwerp, Ghent University, and the VUB work together in the field of lifelong learning within Nova Academy.

  • We are exploring all the possibilities of working together to offer a range of options for lifelong learning, paying attention to how programmes are spread throughout the regions and positioned within Flanders. 
  • Information about all lectures and study days, short- and long-term courses, micro-credentials and postgraduate programmes that are offered through the lifelong learning academies at Ghent University is available on the joint platform of Nova Academy. This platform makes it possible to search all options for lifelong learning offered by the three universities, and publicises all the programmes and events for the general public.
  • There are a range of high-quality opportunities for lifelong learning within Nova Academy, with a high level of attention for quality assurance. The quality is assured on an insitutional level according to the following shared principles:
    • The quality assurance of lifelong learning programmes is part of quality assurance for the education offered by the institution as a whole.
    • The quality assurance of lifelong learning programmes is in line with the standards and guidelines for quality in European Higher Education Area.
    • The quality assurance of lifelong learning programmes happens in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity, with differentiation between the various categories of lifelong learning, and whereby competences are assigned on the most suitable level.
    • Quality assurance is fit for purpose: relevant, effective, and with as little as possible burden due to planning and administration.

The collaborations with the University of Antwerp and VUB do not preclude collaborations with other institutions.