Odysseus programme

FWO launched a new call in the reformed Odysseus programme. This programme supports outstanding researchers, who have built up a career outside Flanders, in developing or setting up a research line or research group within a Flemish university.


Nominated researchers receive from FWO a start-up funding for five years. Ghent University accounts for the employment of these researchers.

The Odysseus programme is open to two types of candidates:

Type I: Researchers who are internationally recognised as pioneers in their field and who have an appointment of minimum 80 % at a foreign institution. Research funding amounts to 400.000 euro to 1.000.000 euro per year (2.000.000 euro to 5.000.000 euro for five years).

Type II: Postdoctoral researchers who have the potential to develop a leading international position and who have a minimum of three years postdoctoral experience in a foreign institution. Research funding amounts to 100.000 euro to 200.000 euro per year (500.000 euro tot 1.000.000 euro for five years).

More information on eligibility can be found in the FWO regulations for the Odysseus programme.

Succesful UGent candidates benefit from a ZAP-appointment at Ghent University:

  • The first ten years, mandate holders type I take up a centrally funded BOF-ZAP-mandate and are afterwards financed by faculty staff points. Compliant with the modalities laid down in the document “Incentivebeleid in het kader van BOF-ZAP overnames” (Board of Governors, 05/07/19), a BOF ZAP-11plus-mandate is assigned to the faculty concerned.
  • The first five years, mandate holders type II take up a BOF Tenure Track-mandate. Afterwards, in case of positive evaluation, they take up a non-renewable BOF Associate Professor mandate. Subsequently (from the 11th year) they are financed by faculty staff points. Recently (3 July 2020), the Board of Governors decided to assign a BOF ZAP-11plus-mandate to the faculty concerned for Odysseus type II mandate holders as well.

Internal selection procedure

The dean of your faculty must submit a dossier at no later than Tuesday 1 September 2022. Only candidates nominated by the deans will be considered for selection. Please make sure to check the internal application deadline at your faculty’s Dean’s Office.

For each researcher (both type I and type II), the dossier (in English) consists of the following elements:

  • Curriculum Vitae of the researcher; including a bibliography (the researcher should update this information in the FWO e-loket as well);
  • A written confirmation in which the applicant states his/her intention to come over to Ghent University to continue his/her research career;
  • A research plan (maximum of 12 pages, see FWO-template) and a detailed budget proposal for five years ;
  • A binding declaration of commitment to appoint the candidate in case he/she is nominated by FWO, signed by the dean (see FWO guidelines).

Ghent University can nominate an unlimited number of candidates to FWO, but has to take into account a gender balance. Maximum two-thirds of the candidates can be of the same gender. Given this requirement, a preselection of the candidates might be necessary. An eventual preselection will be carried out by the Research Council.

The Research Coordination Office will send the candidates who may submit a full proposal, a unique web link to access the online application file. Besides this, they will receive the binding declaration of commitment, signed by the rector. The deadline to submit at FWO is 30 September 2022 (5 PM Belgian time).

More information can be found on the FWO website.


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