HR Excellence in Research: remaining actions for the period 2016-2018

Revised HR Excellence in Research action plan 2016-2018: detailed monitoring table (including timing, responsible unit & KPI’s)

  • Ghent University has the necessary processes in place to guarantee quality screening in the application procedure for all foreign PhD researchers and to introduce better quality processes in supervision for all PhD researchers.
    Phd quality framework
  • Ghent University has a clear view on the feasibility of initiating an institutional sabbatical system for professorial staff and acts upon the recommendations of this study.
  • Ghent University regularly reviews its services for newly appointed staff – local and foreign. Continuous efforts to improve the welcome services for new staff are in place, but are being developed further.
  • All Ghent University departments guarantee adequate and easily accessible information in English related to working at Ghent University. Progress is made, but slowly. Some budgetary constraints limit translations of all relevant material. A best practice example is Onderwijstips (educational tips and answers).
  • Ghent University sets up good practice guidelines for the evaluation of individual research performance at the time of recruitment of new academic & research staff. This target has been moved forward (expected timing 2016 Q4) due to urgency and intensified link with the next target on the review of the personalized evaluation system for professorial staff.
  • A review of the personalized evaluation system is carried out and recommendations for further improvement will be implemented. The institutional review is currently in progress.
  • Ghent University is implementing a solid research information system (GISMO). The project is on track, with phase 1 expected to be completed in 2016.
  • Ghent University communicates openly about realistic career perspectives within and outside the university. Activities are in place, but work is still to be done to implement a real culture change.
  • A feasibility study investigating a new type of long-term appointment for researchers was scheduled for 2016. The preparation for this action has been taken up as part of the negotiations on a new transparant career model for research staff, linked to the new pension plan that is currently being discussed.
  • Ghent University initiates a better pension plan for researchers employed by the university.
  • A general gender policy plan has been completed; implementation on the faculty level is the next step. A particular feature on international mobility criteria for tenure track staff is carried out by the Department of Personnel & Organisation.
    Diversity and Gender Policy Unit
  • A general policy plan for staff with disabilities has been completed, the implementation process is ongoing.
    Staff with disabilities (in Dutch)
  • Ghent University makes sure that faculties adopt the current regulation for postdoctoral researchers with substantive teaching responsibilities to be formally entitled as co-lecturer.
  • Ghent University is constantly developing its doctoral training programme in order to meet the real and changing needs of the PhD researchers.
  • The university has given its stamp of approval to the broader impact policy plan for research. The implementation phase is part of the revised action plan.
    Societal value creation for research
  • Ghent University develops a Research Data Management policy and infrastructure.
    Research data management
  • Developing a policy on minimal social security entitlements for researchers without regular funding or employment contract.
  • Open & transparent Merit-Based Recruitment (OTM-R).
  • Eliminating the obstacles to intersectoral mobility for researchers.