Contact information

The contact information of the organizing members of the PhD Community

General questions

The PhD Community has its own Facebook page and Twitter wall. For general questions, do not hesitate to contact us on these media. You can also contact a specific member through mail. You can find the contact information of the organizing committee below.

Organizing committee

All the wonderful activities of the PhD Community are organized by a group of enthousiastic PhD researchers.

If you have questions, we advice you to go to the Facebook page and send us Personal Message. If you do not have Facebook, send us an e-mail (). If you need to address one of the organizers, check the contact info below.

The PhD Community Team of 2019-2020
The PhD Community Team of 2019-2020

From left to right on the picture:

  • Michael Stouthandel
  • Jasper Juchem (IT)
  • Tim Van Den Bossche
  • Anne-Mare de Vries (graduated)
  • Christophe Portier
  • Camille Meeussen (General)
  • Lien Faelens (graduated)
  • Lana Mulier
  • Sarah Vanwijnsberghe (Finance)
  • Aniko Meijer

Not in the picture, but equally important:

  • Filip Batselé
  • Ronald Merckx
  • Nathan Van den Bergh (graduated)