Adaptation of the procedure host agreement in Single Permit Legislation

A host agreement is a document drawn up by the Department of Personnel and Organization for international NON-EEA researchers with a contract or scholarship agreement paid by Ghent University. Through the host agreement, the international staff member can apply for a scientific visa at the Belgian Embassy.

However, the procedure will change - due to obligation of new European legislation. This change in legislation is also known as 'the tilt of the host agreements in the Single Permit legislation

From mid-2022 onwards (exact date not yet known), researchers who meet the conditions for a host agreement will still receive this host agreement from Ghent University. However, the procedure to obtain the right to reside in Belgium and the application for a visa will be changed.

Via the 'Single Permit' procedure, an application will be submitted by the employer to receive a residence permit and visa. This procedure is already used for applications by highly skilled and external-financed postdoctoral researchers.

The processing times of the Single Permit procedure for host agreements, will be shorter than for the standard Single Permit procedure: namely max. 60 days instead of 120 days.

Also, with the new legislation, a right to "search year" (Orientation year) will be developed for researchers with a stay based on the host agreement, analogous to the orientation year for students. It is likely that the conditions, rights and obligations will be similar.

Another novelty is the possibility of easier short and long term mobility for non-EEA researchers within the European Union.

As soon as more details are known about the legislative proposals, and the effective dates of entry into force, further communication will take place. The Department of Personnel and Organization has already prepared for the extra workload that this implementation will entail. ODIS was created with the aim of having the multiple documents required for the Single Permit application, conveniently delivered by the employees via a 'mailbox' website.