Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Technology - Team

Two professors, assisted by a post-doctoral researcher, permanent staff and PhD Students work together in our lab. We frequently host visiting scientists and students from Belgium and many other countries.

Academic staff

Post-doctoral Fellow

PhD students under supervision of Prof. Dr. Bruno De Geest

Technical staff

Administrative staff

Former (post) doctoral Staff (2016-present)

  • Joris Lammens
  • Annemiek Uvyn
  • Joana Macedo
  • Aseel Samaro
  • Christoph Portier
  • Lise Vandevivere
  • Jana De Vrieze
  • Alexandra Van Driessche
  • Elien De Coninck
  • Jeroen Van Renterghem
  • Dr. Ruben De Coen
  • Dr. Kaat De Clercq
  • Dr. Benoit Louage
  • Dr. Bernd Van Snick
  • Dr. Glenn Verstraete
  • Dr. Wouter Grymonpré
  • Dr. Hui Li
  • Dr. Zhiyue Zhang
  • Dr. Lien Lybaert
  • Dr. Lutz Nuhn