Recovery of gastrointestinal motility after surgery

Within this line of research, the 'Experimental Surgery Research Group' focuses its research on postoperative ileus, a temporary reduction in gastrointestinal transit. It is a common condition after abdominal surgery and can lead to serious discomfort and complications. We examine how a multimodal approach ('fast-track surgery') of patient care can accelerate patient recovery.

Research project

BEET IT study: use of beetroot juice to protect against postoperative ileus following colorectal surgery

Postoperative ileus (POI) is a delay in gastrointestinal transit and a frequent complication after colorectal surgery. There is currently no suitable treatment that can reduce POI. Beetroot juice, a natural and inexpensive product, may play a role in this.


There are partnerships with research groups from the faculties of Pharmacy, Engineering and Sciences of Ghent University, but also with the VIB (a life sciences research institute based in Flanders), Ghent University Hospital, and various national, European and international partners.



  • Sarah Cosyns, postdoctoral assistant

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