Neurogeriatric, metabolic and cardiovascular rehabilitation and physiotherapy

The research group “Neurogeriatric and  respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic rehabilitation and physiotherapy” is composed of two subgroups.

  • Neurogeriatric rehabilitation & physiotherapy
  • Respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic rehabilitation & physiotherapy


Both subgroups of the research group Neurogeriatric, metabolic and cardiovascular rehabilitation and physiotherapy form a team working on our active projects.

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In our research group our full team is working on different research projects. Our two subgroups each put their own focus on these projects.

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We work on setting up different collaborations national as international. We see these collaborations as a way to share our knowledge and to optimize our research.

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The department of Rehabilitation Sciences and Physiotherapy has research equipment in the field of biomechanics, physiotherapy, ...

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The focus of our subgroups


  • Assessment of fall risk fall incidents
  • Prevention of fall incidents

Geriatric groups, but also neurological pathologies (CVA, Parkinson) are main our research populations.

Respiratory, cardiovascular and metabolic

  • Exercise capacity and outcomes of exercise interventions in respiratory (COPD), cardiovascular (heart failure) and metabolic diseases (obesity, insulin resistance and diabetes)
  • Special rheumatological groups as chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and genetic connective tissue disorders. In these groups we focus on pain and fatigue.