Symposium 'Sociolinguistics Symposium 24'

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13-07-2022 09:00 tot 16-07-2022 13:00
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Department of Linguistics, Faculty of Arts and Philosophy

Inside and Beyond Binaries

According to some, we live in increasingly polarized worlds. Which are the binary distinctions – cf. “marked/unmarked” - that can be noted in sociolinguistic enquiry, its history of developments, and how have these been instrumental in pushing the discipline’s social, linguistic and interventionist agendas forward? At the same time, critiques of binary thinking itself have been formulated at various stages: a logic of seemingly stable oppositions often stifles debate, contributes to the cultivation of insurmountable gaps, invites scientific reductionism, and hinders rather than foster inclusiveness. Presenters at SS24 are encouraged to address how the conference theme is relevant for their specific research niche, or sociolinguistics more generally. In addition to the conference theme, tradition has it that sociolinguistics symposia are committed to hosting papers and colloquia in any area of sociolinguistic enquiry.

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