Start date Title
04-10-2022 18:00 Lecture 'CESAM Talks: Culture, Politics and Extractivism in Venezuela'
04-10-2022 19:00 Happening 'Expedition DO! 2022: Final Destination Pitch Night'
05-10-2022 19:30 Lecture 'CERISE lecture: Why do EU and transatlantic support to Ukraine matter? A view from Europe’s North'
06-10-2022 09:00 Job event 'Interactive Career Day Chemistry'
06-10-2022 14:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Encountering Extinction as Heritage'
07-10-2022 09:00 Lecture 'The practicality of theory: assessment and applied linguistics'
07-10-2022 11:30 Lecture 'Autoreactive B cells in rheumatic disease, what makes them different?'
08-10-2022 10:30 Lecture 'The great psychotherapy debate: from strong evidence to what makes psychotherapy work'
11-10-2022 12:30 Workshop 'Literary Studies Workshop: Introduction new postdocs'
11-10-2022 13:30 Symposium 'Celebrating Causal Inference in Medicine and Public Health'
11-10-2022 18:00 Lecture 'CESAM Talks: Feminism, Resistance and De/Coloniality in Guatemala and Mexico'
13-10-2022 10:00 Info session 'FWO junior and senior postdoctoral fellowship'
17-10-2022 14:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD jury: Credit Supply and Green Investments'
20-10-2022 18:00 Lecture 'CESAM Talks: Political Activism and Social Explosion in Chile'
21-10-2022 12:00 Info session 'Knowledge 2 Connect: Discover the unknown features of Scopus'
23-10-2022 09:00 Sport event 'Run4Brain 2022 - support brain research'
26-10-2022 12:00 Lecture 'Meet the PhD Jury: Sexual violence and sexual consent - conceptual challenges addressed'
27-10-2022 16:00 Lecture 'The Human Cell Atlas Initiative: A new era for medical research'
28-10-2022 11:30 Lecture 'Neutrophil extracellular traps (NETs) in occlusive diseases'
08-11-2022 08:30 Info session 'External funding for research and education: maximizing untapped international potential'
08-11-2022 09:00 Exhibition 'Catching the end, convergence or the beginning of (a) world(s)? The visualization of early-twentieth century Central Asia through postcards of Tashkent and its surroundings'
08-11-2022 19:30 Lecture 'Book presentation and photo exhibition: Photographing Central Asia'
16-11-2022 10:00 Job event 'Time to boost your career in Life Sciences with BCF Career'
17-11-2022 10:00 Info session 'ERC Advanced Grants - why and how?'
17-11-2022 12:00 Lecture 'Interactive training on Societal Outreach and valorization of research '
18-11-2022 09:00 Study day 'Studying the Senses'
24-11-2022 14:00 Happening 'AUGent Africa Platform: Meet the Ambassadors Event'
24-11-2022 16:00 Lecture 'Finding the sweet spot of prostate-specific antigen'
25-11-2022 11:30 Lecture 'Nucleic Acids Sensing by Innate Immune Receptors'
02-12-2022 11:30 Lecture 'Origin of Human Lung Macrophages in Steady State and Inflammation'
08-12-2022 16:00 Lecture 'The epigenetics of inflammation & innate immune memory'
09-12-2022 11:30 Lecture 'Developmental Programming of Tissue-Resident Macrophages'
13-12-2022 09:00 Job event 'KBC Winter School'
01-02-2023 10:00 Happening: 'Meet & Greet with the Ghent University Global Campus'
23-03-2023 09:00 'Interuniversity Job Market for Young Researchers'
06-09-2023 09:00 Symposium 'The Lighthouse Function of Social Law'