Start date Title
28-10-2022 16:00 Dr. Stef Espeel, Falling into poverty. Living standards during the grain price crises of 14th-century Flanders
07-06-2022 18:30 Prof. dr. Emir Filipovic, 'Between Conflict and Cooperation: The Contrasting Image of the Ottoman Turk in Late Medieval Ragusan Sources'
03-06-2022 16:00 Dr. Marcus Meer, 'Marks of Difference? Comparative Perspectives on Heraldry and Urban Society in Late Medieval England and Germany'
18-05-2022 16:00 MSS lecture Dr. Yannis Hadjinicolaou, 'The Ruler in Action. Falconry, Training and the Body'
11-05-2022 16:00 Hannah Busch, 'Manuscripts, Metadata, and Machine Learning: How to train an Artificial Paleographer?'
02-05-2022 15:00 Prof. dr. Oleg Benesch, 'Castles, Knights, and Samurai: Global Medievalism and Modern Japan'
29-04-2022 12:00 MSS lecture Prof. Louis Sicking, 'De sprietzeilrevolutie. Overheidsbemoeienis, wetgeving en zeiltechniek in de Nederlanden, ca. 1525-1565'
22-04-2022 16:00 Digital lecture Falco Van der Schueren, 'Van der macht van hervachteghen lieden: on the origins of municipal voluntary jurisdiction in late medieval Ghent'
18-03-2022 16:00 Digital lecture Prof. Edda Frankot, 'Banishment and redemption in the late medieval eastern Netherlands'
09-03-2022 20:00 Byzantijns Europa. Een Geschiedenis - Boekpresentatie en gesprek met Raymond Detrez
04-03-2022 16:00 Digital lecture Dr. Adele Sykes, “Having taykn for his own profyt…”: Aldermanic Malpractice in Post-Black Death London
18-02-2022 16:00 POSTPONED Digital lecture Falco Van der Schueren, 'Van der macht van hervachteghen lieden: on the origins of municipal voluntary jurisdiction in late medieval Ghent'
04-02-2022 16:00 Digital lecture Sébastien de Valeriola, ' "Assenet a lui, a ses meubles et a ses cateux". Clerical lenders of Tournai and incomplete credit guarantees (13th-early 14th century)'
21-01-2022 16:00 Digital lecture Dr. Alexandra Lee, 'Communal Management of a Popular Religious Revival: Civic Religion and the Bianchi of 1399'
07-12-2021 14:00 Hybrid lecture Dr. Synnøve Myking, 'Connections between Scandinavia and the Low Countries in the High Middle Ages: Traces in Manuscript Culture'
03-12-2021 16:00 Digital lecture Niels Fieremans, 'Captured with malicious intent? Debt imprisonment of foreign merchants in late medieval Bruges'
19-11-2021 16:00 Digital lecture Shannon McSheffrey, 'Strangers in London and the Evil May Day Riot of 1517'
10-11-2021 18:30 Digital lecture Prof. Karla Mallette, 'Lives of the Great Languages. Arabic and Latin in the Medieval Mediterranean'
05-11-2021 16:00 Digital lecture Dante de Ruijsscher, 'Oppidum dardenbourg et portum ipsius: Seeking Aardenburg's High Medieval Harbour'
21-10-2021 18:30 Dr. Hanna Vorholt, 'Image as Compilation. Jerusalem in the Liber Floridus and Beyond'
18-10-2021 09:00 Autumn School in Medieval Languages and Culture 2021: Scales of Knowledge - From Cosmos to Book
15-10-2021 16:00 Digital lecture Davide Cristoferi, 'The Golden Grass: Pastures Grazing, Commons Expropriation and Transhumance Development in Late Medieval Southern Tuscany (14th-15th c.)'
07-10-2021 10:00 Digital lecture Giulia Torello-Hill & Andrew Turner, 'Commentary and Illustration in the Lyon Terence'
01-10-2021 16:00 Digital lecture Justyna Wubs-Mrozewicz, 'Between Antwerp, London and Luebeck: Merchants’ Letters and Merchants’ Marks in 1533'