Patterns of drug use among ethnic and cultural minorities | PADUMI-project

The PADUMI project focuses on the study of the patterns of substance use among ethnic and cultural minorities. More specifically, we want to establish accurate information on the extent of drug use and its possible determinants.
The first general objective of this research is to contribute to a better understanding of the prevalence and nature of drug use among ethnic and cultural minorities (ECM) in Belgium and to unveil the determining factors behind substance use (illicit drugs and alcohol). Additionally we want to increase ECM capacity in raising awareness and knowledge about drug issues within the participants’ own communities. The last general objective is to assess the needs of ECM and articulate them with the actors responsible for planning services.
The PADUMI project is conducted through four case studies: the Turkish community in Gent, the East-European community in Gent, the Congolese community in Brussel, undocumented migrants in Belgium.

Promoter(s): Prof. Ilse Derluyn
Researcher(s)/contact: Bert Hauspie