ERC Starting Grant for Katrien Van Poeck


Katrien Van Poeck, post-doctoral researcher at the Centre for Sustainable Development, has been awarded a Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC). The highly-coveted funding is meant to support individual scientists and scholars to build their own teams and conduct pioneering research. The funded project, “Transactional investigations of learning in view of sustainability transitions (LESTRA) makes it possible to further develop and interconnect the Centre for Sustainable Development’s research lines on Sustainability Education and on Sustainability Transitions. In the coming months, a post-doctoral researcher and two PhD students will be employed for the project team.

Because of this very successful achievement, UGent offers a long-term research professorship to Katrien Van Poeck. In February 2021 she will be appointed associate professor at our department.

Katrien Van Poeck is very grateful for the new opportunities opening up. The ERC funding supports researchers to think big and pursue daring ideas to address the most challenging problems of our times. Ghent University’s incentives policy for ERC applicants and grantees adds the conditions that offer stability, freedom and a long-term perspective that is crucial for the quality and continuity of the new research line. Six UGent researchers receive an ERC Starting Grant in 2020.