Ukraine, the gas crisis and Europe’s energy diplomacy

01-03-2022 from 09:30 to 11:00
Zoom debate
Servaas Taghon

Panel debate discussing the causes, consequences and lessons of the current gas shock.

Debate Ukraine - 2022Europe has been hit by a severe gas crisis in the winter of 2021-2022. Gas deliveries from Russia, Europe’s main supplier, have been lower than usual amid rising military build up of Russian forces along the border with Ukraine. While prices have eased somewhat in early 2022 thanks in part to the arrival of LNG cargoes from the US and elsewhere, the market remains extremely tight and volatile. Top US and EU officials are reaching out to countries such as Qatar and Azerbaijan as potential alternative suppliers of gas to Europe in the case of an emergency, including a scenario whereby Russia cuts off gas exports to Europe. All of this is happening as the European Commission is updating the European Strategy on energy diplomacy in order to advance more effectively the energy transition both in the EU and globally. 

Panellists Coby van der Linde (Clingendael),  Simone Tagliapietra (Bruegel) and Andras Rozmer (EEAS) will discuss the causes, consequences and lessons of the current gas shock. The debate will be moderated by Thijs Van de Graaf (Ghent University).

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