Dr. Consuelo Thiers

Consuelo ThiersI am a postdoctoral research assistant at the Ghent Institute for International and European Studies. I hold a PhD from Edinburgh University (Scotland, UK) and a Master degree in International Studies from Universidad de Chile. 

My research interests include interstate enduring rivalries, political psychology, foreign policy analysis and the psychological assessment of political leaders. I also have a particular interest in the foreign policies of the Southern Cone countries of Latin America. 

My research focuses on the application of psychologically oriented and agent-based approaches to understanding decision making in International Relations. Currently, I am particularly keen to conduct research that helps expand the understanding of the role of emotions in shaping policymakers’ decisions in international conflicts.

Research Interests

  • Political psychology
  • Foreign policy analysis
  • Political leaders
  • Enduring interstate rivalries
  • Psychological approaches to international security
  • Latin American foreign policies.

Contact and Publications

e-mail: Consuelo.thiers@UGent.be
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2017-2020: Developed the Spanish version of the Operational Code Analysis coding scheme. This software automates the assessment of political leaders’ beliefs within the Operational Code Analysis framework.