Shared Network drives (netshares)

Netshares UGent and Faculty of Law : what are they and how to use them inside and outside the Ugent network and in Athena.

Netshares UGent and Faculty of Law.

What are netshares?

Netshares are shared folders on a fileserver that are accessible for one or more persons simulaneously.  
In Windows netshares can be mounted on a  free driveletter (f.i. H: or K:) in this way they have the same appearance as local drives (such as C: or D:).  This mounting-process can be automatically during login, or manually. 
In OSX or Linux a netshare can be mounted as SMB/CIFS station.

Which netshares are available on UGent and the Faculty of Law? 

DICT creates for every member of staff and students a personal netshare (5 GB), which is automatically mounted as H:-drive  on each PC in the UGent-domain and in Athena.

The IT-department of the Faculty of Law offers additionally to each member of staff, an additional netshare  of 50 GB which is automatically mounted as K:-drive.  Also a netshare is availble for all departments (50 GB, L:) and for the whole faculty (50 GB, M: ).
Additional netshares can be requested by mail :

Also in Athena (On and Off campus) your netshares are automatically available. (H:, K: and L: usually). 
All your documents on your netshares can be read or edited from every application in Athena. 

Backup-management and 'Previous Versions' on netshares

DICT and the IT-department of the faculty provide daily back-ups of all files on the available netshares.
This makes netshares more safer locations for storage than local disks on your pc or laptop, that have no active backup-management.
Every day from monday to friday at 7:00h a copy is made of all documents on your netshares.
These copies are available under the tab 'pervious versions'  in the properties window of each folder on your netshares.
This enables you to restore a previous version of one or more documents that were accidentaly erased or replaced by an invalid copy of a document.   

The way to do this is to open the properties window of the folder which contains the documents, go back to the date of the copy you wish to restore.  Press 'copy' and put the restored folder on your desktop, then manually verify the documents and move them to their original destination on the netshare.


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