Science to support the conservation of magnolias

Magnolia trees are known here for their beautiful appearance in many front gardens, but there also exist many wild tropical species of the tree that are endangered in their natural environments. For tropical forests are under pressure throughout the world: problems such as urbanisation, climate change and agricultural techniques are rapidly reducing their number.

magnolia conservationIn order to protect these trees and forests and help them survive, the Ghent University Botanical Garden works together with conservation initiatives in Latin America. We answer urgent scientific questions, ensuring that forest management is conducted in the optimal and most efficient way possible. Students are closely involved in this process and get training in order to inspire them to pursue a career as a conservation biologist.

Your donation will go towards the protection and conservation of magnolia trees. We gratefully welcome donations via bank transfer to the account number BE26 3900 9658 0329, including the message “Magnolia WE_421".