Ghent University-Liantis Chair: well-being at work

Well-being at work is, of course, a top priority. Through this chair, Liantis wants to stimulate research on this topic in order to optimise their services.


Within this chair, research will focus on well-being at work, and all the factors that are related to well-being such as: safety, risk management, ergonomics, job requirements, job content, vertical and horizontal social capital, quality of management, psychological safety,... The research will also investigate how well-being can evolve over time depending on how these factors are influenced. 

The chair is unique thanks to its holistic approach to well-being at work.

To this end, it is necessary not only to take into account all factors that can impact well-being but also, alongside initial ‘cross-sectional’ research, to conduct longitudinal research to monitor the effect of changes. The research is thus coupled with a well-being intervention that Liantis will run in a representative sample of businesses, involving business leaders, managers, and employees.


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prof. Lieven AnnemansProf. Lieven Annemans is Professor of Health Economics in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at Ghent University. For 8 years he was also chair of the Vlaamse Gezondheidsraad (Flemish health council). In 2004, he was elected President of the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics (ISPOR). He is also a former member of the cabinet (2000-2003) of then minister Frank Vandenbroucke. In 2013, Lieven Annemans was appointed to the Francqui Chair. He is the author of books Health economics for non economists (2008), and De prijs van uw gezondheid – is onze gezondheidszorg in gevaar? (2014). In addition he has also authored over 300 international academic publications related to health economics.