SuperNils Fund to support research into leukaemia

Nils was in the prime of his life: 21 years old and just finished his training as an fitness instructor. SuperNilsHe was making big plans for the future and was loved by everyone. He was just about to head to Menorca to start working as a sports activity leader and fulfil his big dream, but his plans were interrupted due to leukaemia.

You don’t want to accept it, you believe in your own power and strength. You hope to beat it with the support of your family and friends, but it literally takes over everything. And this was also the case for Nils, who fought for four long years, but eventually passed away at the age of 24. 

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Your donation to the SuperNils Fund will contribute to a better understanding and treatment of leukaemia.

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We gratefully welcome donations to the SuperNils Fund – donations can be made via bank transfer to account number BE26 3900 9658 0329, including the message “GE_785_SuperNils”. Your gift is tax deductible starting from €40 per year.

“Nils just won you over right away, from the very first time you met him. He was stylish, he often wore black, he was no-nonsense, with a generous smile, a very open person. He had so many creative ideas, and we are now trying to put some of them into practice with the non-profit and the SuperNils Fund. In this way, all of the great plans of this special young person can live on. Because Nils did not make it, despite his courageous fight. Just like so many others. Research into new treatments is essential, and so I am extremely grateful that his parents and brother decided to support research at Ghent University into leukaemia and immunotherapy. For this research is and remains indispensable, and very expensive. So: Thank you, SuperNils!” - Leading doctor Tessa Kerre about SuperNils

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Background information

Even when he first got sick, he was always thinking of others: the children at Ghent Children’s Hospital, the hardworking staff, and committed doctors. He dreamed of making it easier for children time when they have to spend time in hospital. For example, he came up with the idea of a bag with a picture of a superhero that could be pulled over the chemobaxter so that the treatment was less frightening for children. Something else very close to his heart was the research of his favourite doctor Tessa Kerre.

Nils was well liked by the doctors, nursing staff and other patients. For them, he was a true superhero, someone who never gave up and above all wanted to help other people who were going through the same thing as him. In order to fulfil Nils’ wishes, his parents and brother together with Professor Tessa Kerre and the Ghent University Fund set up the SuperNils Fund. This means that Nils and his story can live on, and you can also support the research by making a donation. Nils’ parents had previously set up SuperNils vzw, a non-profit organisation which organises initiatives and actions to support patients and their families.


The aim of the SuperNils Fund is to provide financial support to:

  1. Research on leukaemia in children and adults;
  2. Immunotherapy research;
  3. Examining the impact of informing patients, loved ones and caregivers about leukaemia and immunotherapy.

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