Ghent University Venture Track

The Ghent University Venture Track is a process for entrepreneurial researchers of Ghent University who are aiming to set up a Ghent University spin-off company. A spin-off is a startup company based on research results of the university.

Venture Track: from idea to startup (click to enlarge)
Venture Track: from idea to startup (click to enlarge)

In the Venture Track we provide support and guidance to researchers in the development of a well-documented and feasible strategy to ensure the greatest possible chance of success for their start-up company.

Together with the entrepreneurial researcher(s), at the start of the venture process, a plan is drawn up, with logical, successive goals: the milestones.

Upon completion of the Venture Track, the spin-off company can be founded. To this end, the spin-off is granted access to the necessary Ghent University research results. This is agreed in a license or transfer agreement between the spin-off and Ghent University.

To start the Venture Track, fill in the Venture Disclosure Form (VDF) and send it to
You are welcome for an intake meeting at UGent TechTransfer. If desired, this intake can be linked to the intake for an IOF project or a VLAIO spin-off mandate.