Donations and legacies

Several associations and individual supporters regularly donate to the Botanical Garden. These funds are a welcome addition to the budget. We use them to realise the garden’s objectives. 
The past few years, the Friends of the Botanical Garden donated a digital camera, three benches and new labels for the arboretum.

Please note...
If you require so, we deliver a tax certificate for donations of 30 Euro or more. Please state this on your bank transfer.

You can support the Botanical Garden by:

  • becoming a member of the ‘Vrienden van de Plantentuin’ (Friends of the Botanical Garden)
  • participating in our activities
  • taking a guided tour of the garden and the greenhouses
  • organising a function in one of the garden’s venues
  • transferring a donation to the Botanical Garden’s bank account (no. 390-0965800-26); please quote the following message: ‘gift ten voordele van de Plantentuin WE61’

Please contact the director for more information on the practical, legal and financial aspects of legacies in favour of Ghent University.