Doctoraatsymposium - PhD symposium 22/03/2012


Doctoraatssymposium 2012

Reconstructing Iceland past landscape, air temperature and sea level by means of a pollen study in Tjörnes (northern Iceland) Koen Verhoeven 22-03-2012
Site fidelity and movement of cod (Gadus Morhua) at a wind farm using acoustic telemtry Jan Reubens 22-03-2012
Raman spectroscopy and X-Ray fluorescence spectroscopy: a perfect match for the analysis of cultural heritage Jolien Van Pevenage 22-03-2012
Mechanism and applications of persistent luminescence Koen Van den Eeckhout 22-03-2012
Synthesis of new Vanadium containing Metal Organic Frameworks (V-MOFs) for applications in oxidation catalysis and adsorption/separation processes
Karen Leus, Matthias Vandichel 22-03-2012
Ink-jet printing as a deposition technique for ceramic superconducting and semiconducting nanocrystal-based thin films and patterns. Jonas Feys, Ruben Dierick 22-03-2012
Statistical methodology for comparing the effectiveness of treatments Bart Van Rompaye 22-03-2012
Historical gully erosion development in Northern Ethiopia and implications for development projects Amaury Frankl 22-03-2012
A globin of Caenorhabditis elegans regulates reproduction by acting in a redox pathway Sasha De Henau 22-03-2012
The effects of folate enhancement on general rice seed metabolism Dieter Blancquaert 22-03-2012
The antibiotic resistance response of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia: a proteomic study Laurence Van Oudenhove
“Protecting the fragile”: long-term preservation of fastidious micro-organisms Sven Hoefman 22-03-2012
Forward genetic approach to identify novel regulators of PIN polarity Pawel Baster 22-03-2012
Immediate passive protection of farm animals against enteric diseases by in feed production of antibodies. Vikram Virdi 22-03-2012
A first AFLP-based linkage map and de novo assembled genome sequence for Artemia Stephanie De Vos 22-03-2012
ΔNp63α is an oncogene driving skin tumor initiation and progression to malignancy Michael Devos 22-03-2012
The battle of the viruses: using one virus to defeat another one Sarah De Baets 22-03-2012
"How do animal cells assemble into the body?"
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