Organic and Medicinal Chemistry

Our group is interested in investigating how targeted fluorination can finetune molecular physical properties of relevance in a medicinal chemistry/drug development context, such as conformation, lipophilicity and hydrogen bonding. Essentially, it is the chemistry supporting medicinal chemistry. Our work has a strong organic synthesis and NMR component in that we synthesise molecules specifically designed to investigate certain aspects of the aforementioned properties, and use NMR for conformation, lipophilicity and hydrogen bond analysis. Our research includes:

The synthesis of proline (an amino acid) analogues with fluorination motifs designed to control peptide conformation, as well as the subsequent synthesis of the required small peptides;
The synthesis of carbohydrate derivatives with fluorination motifs designed to investigate sugar lipophilicity and sugar hydrogen bond properties;
The synthesis of druglike molecules containing fluorination motifs to investigate lipophilicity properties. 
We collaborate with a number of groups for (IR-based) hydrogen bond measurements, and for bioactivity measurements.

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