Aurélien Vebr

Position: doctoral researcheraurelienvebr.png


Aurélien Vebr made his studies in France in Centrale Marseille, a general engineering school. He specialized in organic chemistry during his last year and made a double degree with the university of Aix-Marseille. After a master thesis in the team of Didier Gigmes, working on controlled polymerization by NMP, he is currently doing a joint Ph.D. between the University of Lille (UMET with Prof. Patric Woisel) and Ghent University (Supramolecular Chemistry group with Prof. Richard Hoogenboom)

Research project:

Recent research in the field of supramolecular hydrogels have shown some very interesting behavior regarding the influence of the temperature and pH. By using cyclo-bis(paraquat)parapheylene to complex hydrogels funcionalized with naphtalene moieties, the volume phase transition temperature can be significantly changed. On the other hand, recent works have shown that copolymers of NIPAM and acrylic acid end-functionalized with naphtalene groups, after complexing with CBPQT4+ show responsivity to both pH and temperature. The main goal of the project is now to study more precisely these copolymers and their behavior before pH- and/or temperature-responsive hydrogels.